HealthPros & Covid-19

In the light of the current Covid-19 pandemic we are aware that a lot of research activities are developed to address the spread, prevention, diagnoses and treatment of the coronavirus. However, also attention is needed on the impact of the pandemic on healthcare systems and societies all over the world. The European Commission is trying to identify projects which may contribute to addressing Covid-19 from all  scientific fields. As HealthPros is a large EU-funded Training Network with access to many different databases and holds interdisciplinary expertise, we do see the opportunity, but also feel the obligation, to apply the projects within our Network to address where possible a number of these questions linked to healthcare systems responsiveness and impact on health outcomes, both on the short and long term. Timely development and uptake of performance intelligence to help govern our health care services and systems through the various phases of this pandemic is crucial. We are currently assessing the possibilities to contribute to that goal via our research and will keep you updated via our media channels (website, LinkedIn, twitter) on the progress.