From the 29th October – 6th November 2018 the first HealthPros event that will include all recruited ESRs will be organized in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The program that is organized includes a whole week of courses and trainings for the newly recruited ESRs (more details can be found here), as well as the Network Meeting (incl. Steering Board) on Thursday November 1st  and the Immersion Community event on Friday afternoon of November 2nd

Prof. Niek Klazinga (AUMC), the coordinator of the HealthPros program and the Honorary Professor of Corvinus University of Budapest visited the Department of Health Economics, Corvinus University of Budapest on the 14th May 2018. Prof. Klazinga and the colleagues at the Department of Health Economics reviewed the initial tasks in the HealthPros project and discussed future plans as well.

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The kick-off meeting of the HealthPros consortium was held February 6th 2018 at the Academic medical centre in Amsterdam. All partners introduced themselves and their research and the plans for the research projects were discussed. Additionally, the road ahead was discussed, starting ofcourse with the recruitment of 13 early stage researchers, but also the first week of training (planned for October/November 2018 together with the next meeting.

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