The HealthPros Network has been running from 2018 and will come to an end in March 2022. We had a fantastic group of researchers working together to develop tools and implement methods to streamline healthcare performance measurement, develop and apply performance-based governance mechanisms and optimize the use of healthcare performance intelligence by different end-users. They explored different topics, like;

  • actionability of performance indicators 
  • composite measures
  • integrated care 
  • corporate governance tools
  • patient and citizen engagement 
  • Nudging
  • use of routine databases for performance improvement
  • long-term care.

As the COVID-19 pandemic paralleled the HealthPros programme, many Fellows and the network at-large, sought opportunities to conduct a number of COVID-19-related studies at pace with the pandemic’s changing context. All fellows prepared a short video explaining their work in HealthPros. A short description of their project and the short video's themselves can be accessed by clicking the button below!




As a final meeting the HealthPros consortium will organize virtual symposium on Healthcare Performance Measurement. The symposium will celebrate the finalization of the HealthPros project. Find the agenda below.


The symposium will take place on 25th March, in two sessions; 11:00-12:30 and 13:00-14:30 CET and will focus on the lessons learned during the project, which has been condensed in recommendations on various aspects of performance-based healthcare governance and end-user involvement. 

This Healthcare Performance Intelligence Series represents the culmination of key research findings by the network into a collection of reports providing methodological, practical, and policy guidance. Reports in the series are tailored to different audiences, ranging from policy-makers, hospital managers, clinicians, and the general public. The development of each report in the series has relied on close collaboration across the HealthPros network. The range of topics and resources making up this series includes the following (click on the title to access):

The symposium will present these recommendations followed by a panel debate among international experts. The experts are currently invited, pending their acceptance you will be able to check their Bio's below.