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Transferability of actionable performance indicators: Making performance indicators work


Erica Barbazza, MSc, BHSc

A HealthPros fellow and PhD candidate at the Academic Medical Centre of the University of Amsterdam on the transferability of actionable healthcare performance indicators. She previously was a technical officer on health services delivery at the WHO European Centre for Primary Health Care in Kazakhstan and the WHO European Regional Office for Europe in Denmark. She has provided technical assistance on health services delivery in more than 10 countries in Europe and central Asia and has authored numerous reports, policy documents and peer-reviewed articles on her work. Erica has degrees in International Health Policy from the London School of Economics and Health Sciences from the University of Western Ontario. Erica Barbazza_Long Bio


Health services; primary health care; health systems; health services performance; quality of care

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Matthew Palmer400x400


Quality of health care for vulnerable populations: Are We Closing Disparity Gaps?


Matthew Palmer, MSc

During completion of his Master of International Public Health, his research focused on reproduction health policies of countries undergoing a fertility transition. He has written an analysis of the existing sexual and reproductive health policies, and contributed to Health System Review of the Japanese health system. Currently Matthew currently a research fellow at the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Global Policy where his research has focused on the modelling of Policy Solutions for HPV Vaccination. Matthew Palmer_Long Bio

Key Words

Global Health Policy, UHC, Reproductive Health


PinarKara healthprosp


Composite measures for quality of health care for patients with chronic conditions: are we comparing apples and pears?


Pinar Kara, MSc

I am a Healthpros fellow and PhD candidate at Aalborg University Hospital working on healthcare performance measurement. I obtained my B.Sc. (2012) and M.Sc. (2017) in statistics from Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey. Most of my previous research, including my master’s thesis, focused on survival analysis. My primary field of interest is epidemiology, statistical methods in health research and survival analysis. I am passionate about healthcare research and being part of a project that aims to improve the quality of healthcare. Pinar Kara_Long Bio


 Biostatistics; Survival analysis; Epidemiology


 Picture Thanthima

ESR4- Surrey

Optimising the use of routine health databases for personalised risk profiling stimulating patient engagement


Thanthima Suwanthawornkul, MSc 

Thanthima is a healthPros fellow at the University of Surrey. She obtained an MSc (Research) in clinical and psychosocial epidemiology from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands and a BPharm degree at Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. Her research experience includes conducting a systematic review and meta-analysis, a survival analysis, and economic evaluation studies to support decisions and plans in the health system. Before joining HealthPros network, she was taking part in the development process of the Thai National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM). At that time, she supervised the government officers to conduct health technology assessments in several low- and middle-income countries.Thanthima Suwanthawornkul_Long Bio


Evidence-informed Decision-making; Health Technology Assessment; Essential Medicines for Universal Health Coverage

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ESR5- Optimedis

Measuring and improving the performance of integrated health care systems

Nicolas Larrain, MBA, MSc

Received his diploma as a professional Business Administrator and bachelor in science in Economics from Universidad de Chile in 2014. In February 2018 he completed the specialized master of International Health Care Management, Economics and Policy in SDA Bocconi. His experience includes working as a consultant, professor, research associate and data analyst. Mr Larrain's areas of interest are health data analysis, predictive modeling, health economics, system dynamics, change theory, impact evaluation among others. Nicolas Larrain_Long Bio


Economic Modeling, Data Analysis, Health Economics

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 Kendall Gilmore 400x382ESR6- SSSA

The role of managerial systems in promoting integrated care pathways


Kendall Gilmore, MSc

Holds an MSc in Global Health and Development from UCL and a BSc in Biological Sciences (Hons Pharmacology) from The University of Edinburgh. Joined HealthPros  from Social Finance, a non-profit organisation which works to develop better responses to social challenges through data analysis, investment and partnership working. Previously, he spent several years with NHS England and the English Department of Health and Social Care, working across a variety of areas with a focus on innovation and reform of the health and care system and worked at a community development NGO in rural Sri Lanka and a European Venture Capital firm. 


Integrated care, health policy and strategy, payment and contracting models 

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 photo damir ivankovicESR7- AMC

Results-based (corporate) governance-tools for healthcare

Damir Ivankovic, MD, MSc

A medical doctor from Croatia with an educational background including public health residency, healthcare management as well as business administration. My professional experiences span across fields with previous positions at governmental, scientific, clinical and industry institutions and companies. Damir Ivankovic_Long Bio


Public Health; Health Data and Information; Health Policy; Healthcare Management

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   ESR8 scarBritoFernandes2          ESR8- Corvinus

Patient engagement in healthcare purchasing by insurers: Reducing waste, increasing value

Óscar Brito Fernandes, M.Sc., M.Ed.

Óscar holds a master’s degree in healthcare management from National School of Public Health, NOVA University of Lisbon. During his studies he developed interests on health policy, management and administration, focusing on topics such as integrated care, quality of care, health outcomes, and health inequalities.

His latest working experience was as a manager at Central Lisbon University Hospital Trust’s clinical trials unit. Lately he was appointed as a member of the executive board of the Portuguese Association for Integrated Care.Oscar Brito Fernandez_Long Bio


Integrated care; Health outcomes; Patient engagement

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 Armin photo 2ESR9- Corvinus

Building performance intelligence in contract arrangements between insurers and health care providers

Armin Lucevic, MSc 

Armin holds BA diploma in Economics from University of Montenegro, MSc diploma in International Economy and Business from Corvinus University, with specialization in International Economic Analysis, and MA diploma in Healthcare Management from University of Belgrade. He has been working with private and NGO sector, and has more than 10 years of experience in Information Technology. Armin is interested in Data Science in Healthcare, Big Data analysis and use of Information Technology in Healthcare industry.Armin Lucevic_Long Bio


International Economy; Healthcare; Information Technology

Sophie healthpros ESR10- Optimedis

Improving the uptake of performance reports via nudges

Sophie Wang, MSc

Sophie joins the HealthPros Network from Vancouver, British Columbia (BC), Canada, where she obtained her Masters in Public Health. Prior to joining the HealthPros network, she led a variety of healthcare redesign initiatives and evaluations with Doctors of BC, the Vancouver Physician Staff Association, and the BC Patient and Safety Quality Council. Sophie is passionate about closing gaps in research knowledge mobilization and enhancing the role of data analysis and visualization in healthcare planning. Sophie Wang_Long Bio


evaluation, quality improvement, data-driven decision-making

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ESR11- Surrey

The impact of automated international comparisons using routine large scale databases to improve diabetes care

Bernardo Meza, MSc

Bernardo graduated as a medical doctor from the UNAM in Mexico City, and has coursed masters in Health Economics and Bioethics at the universities of Heidelberg and KU Leuven. He has several years experience as a consultant in pharmacoeconomics and as data analyst for the Mexican healthcare industry. Prior to joining the HealthPros Network he worked at the NGO sector in a series of projects which promote the use of digital technologies to monitor and control non-transmittable diseases in developing countries. His research interests lie in the development of frameworks where healthcare data could translate into higher quality of care at the patient level.

Key Words

healthcare data, health economics, non-transmittable diseases

Frank Horenberg 


Reputation counts: putting health care benchmarking at work

Frank Horenberg, MSc

Frank is a PhD candidate and HeathPros fellow at Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa, Italy. Frank achieved his medical informatics degree from the University of Amsterdam. Medical Informatics is a discipline concerned with solving information problems in the healthcare sector. He wrote his Master Thesis at ZIVVER focusing on patient portal usage in the Netherlands. After his graduation, Frank started working as a business consultant at ZIVVER, a software company focusing on a user-friendly solution for secure email, chat and file transfer. He primarily focused on the healthcare domain supporting hospitals to solve their information related problems.Frank Horenberg_Long Bio


Medical informatics; Benchmarking; Telemedicine; Patient-portals

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Effective use of performance reporting in long-term care



Mircha Poldrugovac, MSc, MD

A medical doctor who began his career working as an advisor in the area of quality and safety in health care at the Ministry of Health of Slovenia. He participated in several projects in the area of quality management, including the preparation of a national framework of quality indicators in health care and of the first annual report on those indicators. He began working at the National Institute of Public Health in Slovenia in 2011 and completed his specialist training in the area of public health in 2016. Among others, he has been recently involved in the WHO Europe lead Evidence Informed policy-making Network (EVIPNet), for which he is one of the so called »champions« in Slovenia. Mircha Poldrugovac_Long Bio

key words

Performance Indicators, Knowledge translation, Evidence-informed policy-making