Mircha Poldrugovac graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ljubljana in 2007, thus becoming a medical doctor. After completing the internship at the Izola General Hospital, he worked as an advisor in the area of quality and safety in health care at the Ministry of Health.

He participated in several projects in the area of quality management. He co-authored the National Strategy on Quality and Safety in Healthcare 2010-2015. He also contributed significantly to the preparation of a national framework of quality indicators in health care and of the annual reports on those indicators.

He began working at the National Institute of Public Health in 2011 and completed his specialist training in the area of public health in 2016. While continuing to work on indicators, he also broadened his focus to include geographic variations of medical practice. Recently he has been involved in the development of a Health System Performance Assessment framework and report in Slovenia.

Mircha has also been active internationally. He has been involved in the WHO Europe lead Evidence Informed policy-making Network (EVIPNet), undergoing several dedicated trainings in the area and having the opportunity also to co-facilitate some of them. He is also involved in several EU funded or co-funded international projects, primarily in the area of health systems and health policies.