ESR 3- Pinar Kara, MSc

Composite measures for quality of health care for patients with chronic conditions: are we comparing apples and pears?


Prof. J. Mainz / Prof. S.P. Johnsen

Centre of Clinical Health Services Research

Aalborg Psychiatric Hospital – Aalborg University Hospital


Duration: 36 months

Pinar will: 1) Develop and evaluate composite measures for quality of care of patients with stroke, heart failure and chronic obstructive lung disease. 2) Implement selected composite measures in clinical practice.


Insight into the performance of a healthcare system requires scientifically sound conceptual frameworks (e.g. the Dutch Healthcare Performance Report by the RIVM or the Canadian Health System Performance framework by CIHI). The use of these frameworks depends on their use and relevance to resolve contemporary health policy challenges. Frameworks are often populated with large amounts of indicators and policy makers are asking for smaller numbers of composite measures that are valid and reliable to support their decision making. The project will focus on the validity, reliability and actionability of compound indicators on the quality of health care for patients with chronic conditions.


The PhD candidate will develop and evaluate composite measures of the quality of care for patients with stroke, heart failure and chronic obstructive lung disease, and implement selected composite measures for clinical quality improvement to reach better outcomes for chronically ill patients. Different composite measures of quality of care will be computed and the effect of using different composite measures on hospital rankings will be determined. Qualitative and quantitative data will be used from Danish health care registries, that can be linked unambiguously using the unique 10-digit civil registration number, which all Danish citizens receive upon birth or immigration. The researcher will test the -in Denmark- developed and validated composite measures in the Italian regional healthcare system.