Associated fellow- Véronique Bos, BSc MA

Creating evidence-based actionable Healthcare performance intelligence for integrated care in the Netherlands


Short video on the findings during HealthPros



Prof. Dr. Niek Klazinga / Dr. Dionne Kringos

Academic Medical Centre of the University of Amsterdam

Department of Public Health

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Duration: 48 months

Véronique will investigate how data outside the traditional healthcare field can support integrated care governance. The results will give insights in how the data infrastructure can be improved to support performance intelligence in integrated care.  


Most of us spend only a minority of our time in health care. Then why should we only take into account the data resulting from these brief health care moments to improve our health, our care provision, and our health care system? In this PhD we set out to broaden the scope for healthcare in the Netherlands. What data outside of traditional healthcare field is out there to inform us on the health care performance?


The PhD candidate will explore the actionability of data sources outside the traditional healthcare field for the performance intelligence of integrated care in the Netherlands. In this PhD insights from other HealthPros projects are used and applied to the Dutch setting.