In modern health systems, the amount of available data is frequently fragmented and not fully utilized. The knowledge necessary to use such data for improving and developing quality strategies is often dispersed among different academic sectors, resulting into job profiles that are often mono-disciplinary and not tailored to the needs of policy makers and health system administrators. Internationally, there is an urgent need for professionals that can bring multidisciplinary expertise from areas eg medicine, social sciences, computer science and health policy. To make sure that such professionals can be more easily recruited in the future, the HealthPros Training Network has specifically conceived an advanced training plan, including a course programme, secondments, work visits and Immersion Community activities.

The training programme aims to deploy an immersion community centered PhD training programme to deliver the first generation of Healthcare Performance Intelligence professionals in multidisciplinary, multi-sectoral innovative scientific, technical and transferable skills and competencies, who will inform and support the necessary changes in health systems in Europe.

Through the training programme, all 13 HealthPros fellows will acquire the following required five innovative competencies and underlying multidisciplinary skills that are currently not well developed and represented in training programmes and the scientific community:

Academic research skills

Competency 1: Good inter-disciplinary skills to apply general research principles in healthcare from biomedical & social sciences.

Competency 2: Good analytical skills to apply theories, concepts, study design, data collection, analysis and reporting principles related to research on performance intelligence in healthcare.

Professional skills

Competency 3: The scientific skills to conceptualize and develop reliable, valid, sensitive and useful healthcare performance indicators; and to optimize the use of available registries and administrative data and to apply statistical models to provide actionable input to healthcare performance governance.

Competency 4:  The health informatics skills to translate health (care) data into actionable performance intelligence needed to balance costs per capita, population health and quality of care.

Competency 5: The reasoning, reflective and critical skills to translate performance intelligence into actionable input to support the achievement of the five key healthcare system strengthening performance areas: 1. Implementation of person-centred integrated service delivery models; 2. Patient and family engagement in healthcare; 3. Addressing inequality in access to quality healthcare for vulnerable populations; 4. Better outcomes through continuous quality improvement; 5. Reduction of ineffective health spending and waste in healthcare.  

The skills and competencies are aligned with the goals and workplan of the research programme.

HealthPros fellows will master the skills from basic research to the high-level skills required for healthcare system performance measurement, performance-based governance and utilisation of healthcare performance intelligence.