ESR 5- Measuring and improving the performance of integrated health care systems

ESR 5- Nicolas Larrain, MBA, MSc

Measuring and improving the performance of integrated health care systems

Short video on the findings during HealthPros


Dr Oliver Groene

OptiMedis AG, Hamburg


Duration: 36 months

Nicolas will develop novel approaches to health system performance assessment, focusing on Triple-Aim based integrated care delivery systems


Health systems around the globe are introducing reforms to reduce fragmented care delivery systems which result in inefficiencies and suboptimal patient outcomes. Integrated care delivery systems are networks in which provider organizations such as general practitioners, specialist, nursing, hospital and long-term care institutions work together to achieve the Triple Aim (Berwick et all 2008). In order to achieve this aim, integrated care delivery systems need a much better understanding of current and future drivers of, and need to identify the interventions best suited to improve population health.

Various conceptual models of health system performance and population health exist, but their practical application is limited. This is first because of insufficient access to and exploitation of the wide range of data sources required to assess population health. Second, implementation sciences suggests that contextual factors need to be taken into consideration to maximize the real world impact of interventions that have shown to be effective in the literature (Groene 2011).


The PhD candidate will develop novel approaches of performance assessment in Triple Aim-based integrated health care systems using a wide range of data sources including patient and staff surveys, routine health insurance data, GP practice record extracts and geo-tagged data. Based on these data sources the PhD candidate will design statistical models to gauge the impact of promising population health interventions.