ESR 7- Results-based (corporate) governance-tools for healthcare

ESR 7- Damir Ivankovic, MD, MBA

Results-based (corporate) governance-tools for healthcare

Short video on the findings during HealthPros


Prof. Dr. Niek Klazinga / Dr. Dionne Kringos

Academic Medical Centre of the University of Amsterdam

Department of Public Health

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Duration: 48 months

Damir will develop results-based management tools originating from the private sector tailored to the needs of healthcare policy and management.


Results-based management tools such as for example balanced score cards, are commonly used in the corporate sector to improve results by monitoring performance, learning, adapting and target setting. Such tools may be useful in healthcare management as well. However, since healthcare differs essentially from goods produced in the corporate sector, existence of dynamic policy environments and strong stakeholder influence, existing tools from the corporate sector cannot simply be transferred to the health care area but need to be tailored to the specific needs of the health care environment and its services.


The PhD candidate will use mixed methods. Surveys and interviews in the Netherlands and Ontario will be performed to examine whether recently introduced results-based (corporate) governance tools approaches to performance measurement have persisted, been used by policy-makers and healthcare providers, and resulted in changes in policy and funding decisions. The local application of national performance data will be analyzed. Together with public sector HealthPros partners in Canada, Italy and in the Netherlands, the PhD candidate will test results-based management tools used in the private sector for their validity in the health care sector and for policy making.