ESR 10 – Improving the uptake of performance reports via nudges

ESR 10-Sophie Wang, MSc

Improving the uptake of performance reports via nudges

Short video on the findings during HealthPros


Dr Oliver Groene

OptiMedis AG, Hamburg


Duration: 36 months

Sophie will investigate how physician-behavior can be ´nudged´ via reports on their performance in an integrated care delivery system


This project will make an important contribution to the ongoing development and implementation of performance reports that are designed for providers with a view to stimulate performance improvement (Brehaut et al 2016). The results will lead to an important conceptual advancement of improving the use of health care performance data and to specific recommendations how nudges can be integrated into existing performance reports (Thaler & Sunstein 2008). This research project will examine the uptake of performance reports by healthcare providers via nudges applying a novel, cutting edge behavioural economics approach (Voyer B 2015).


The PhD candidate will investigate the impact of a range of nudges for different performance domains (but with a focus on the clinical effectiveness domain) and on metrics that not only refer to composite outcomes, but to the distribution of such outcomes in a population (e.g. equity in access, utilisation and outcomes), a unique perspective widely disregarded by current performance reports. The PhD candidate will produce various performance report cards using the range of data sources available to OptiMedis AG and will design experiments that test how different nudges can foster innovation in clinical and health services management.