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OptiMedis AG,

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Greetings from the promised land of many Central and Eastern Europeans!

Meal portions are big, beer is good and public transport is expensive (but there are almost no control checkups).

Germans (or at least the one I met) are disciplined, punctual and well-organized. Planning well ahead, and 5 o’clock really means 5 o’clock! When working, they are working hard; but they also find time for leisure. And Right to disconnect (no emails after working hrs or weekends) works quite well, despite that there is no actual law on it.

I am based at OptiMedis AG, a health management company focusing on healthcare data analytics as well as development and management regional integrated healthcare. Currently involved in couple of projects, namely, calculation of inappropriate medication for UK practices using FORTA-EPI algorithm, and adaptation of OptiMedis data-warehouse model to the Hungarian health insurance context. Soon will start research on the Blockchain technology to support value-based care. Things are looking promising!

Ok, need to go now, we are setting up new miners in the basement (BTC is going up again)!


Armin Lucevic